Monday, appointment only 10-4 PM

Tuesday-Saturday 11-7+

Sunday Closed


We can also book appointments earlier or later on most days. 

Covid 19 Restrictions may affect these hours



The Big Question.    


How Much?  


Pricing is all over the map in the tattoo world. Confusing. We know.


Our minimum sits at $ 90+tax  a fantastic price for our fantastic clients. The new minimum just helps cover our new increased cost of business due to Covid 19

For Hourly rates, please check with artist. Its usually $150 per hr . We work diligently and no nonsense, so you get your moneys worth.  For large pieces that may take multiple sittings, we go with hourly pricing as it's near impossible to gauge how long it will take to complete. For one day pieces we can give you an exact price.

What you need to know.


Much like shopping for a car, you should have an idea of a budget you are willing to spend on your tattoo. This helps the artist know the level of detail, size and time commitment required for the piece.  We put a ton of time into research and artwork in preparing your tattoos which is done at our expense. That being said, if you try and go the CHEAPO route, we are not interested as a cheap looking tattoo is the worst advertisement. We invest a lot in top quality products, and they aren't cheap.


When asking for quotes, try to provide us as much information as possible.  Size, placement, style, this helps us to give you the most accurate pricing.  For artwork design of anything beyond simple, a deposit is required which will be refunded  the day of your appointment.

We are happy to meet you, help you, and have you as a client.

Come visit us, email us, call us, add us on Facebook, Instagram, whatever works best for you.


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